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Being an artist means that there is some form of creation going on. In Jean-Michel Jarre's case this is more than just music. Jean-Michel is a multi-media artist - in the true sense of the word. Unfortunately due to technology the term multi-media has come to mean many things but not necessarily that which it was originally intended for. Combine that with the fact that many artists are jumping on the multi-media bandwagon for really nothing more than to make more money technology has a lot to answer for.

However, Jean-Michel's interest in multimedia has been evident for many years but really came to the fore at his Place De La Concorde concert in Paris, France during 1979. The true combination of technology, visuals, sound and music in a multi-formatted, large free concert was a pioneering step back then.

Any artist who creates art leaves behind a legacy of this form of work whether it be unique pieces (Music For Supermarkets album), limited editions (Concert D'Images book) or multi-million sellers (Oxygene album). Once this legacy becomes large and popular enough a fan base is created on some sort of scale, home town to worldwide, depending on the artist's popularity.

Once this stage is reached there will be, at some point in time, a need for the fan to get closer to their idol or their idol's work. This is the reason for concerts, exhibitions, documentaries, publications and fan conventions. Well in our last book and continued in this book you've had the concerts and this book is a documentary but we also look at some video evidence to in this publication.

Other publications are covered in another section so that leaves exhibitions and fan conventions. Some fans of Jean-Michel Jarre will be well aware of some of the exhibitions involving Jean-Michel Jarre but others won't be. That is the reason for this article. Destination Jarre present a listing of exhibitions and fan conventions that have taken place over the years. There are details of dates and locations plus details of the organisers and what took place at the event.

No doubt there will be more such events in the future too. We hope that at some point you may be able to get to one or more of them.

Orrimbe Show

Opened: 2nd June 1983

Closed: 30th June 1983

Location: Jean-Claude Riedul gallery, Paris, France.

Reason: Exhibition of various artists' work.

Organised by: Georges Orrimbe.


Works of art by various local art nouveau artists.

Jean-Michel Jarre's "Music For Supermarkets" used as background music.

Concert D'Images

Opened: 7th July 1989

Closed: 17th September 1989

Location: Nouveau Forum, The Halls(Espace Photographique), 4-8 Main Gallery, Paris, France.

Reason: Bicentenial celebration of the French revolution, centenial celebration of the Eiffel Tower and because Jean-Michel wasn't staging a concert this year.

Organised by: Jacque Chirac (Mayor of Paris - who was the guest of honour at the opening of the exhibition) and Jean-Luc Monterosso.


Films of Jarre's concerts in China, Houston, Lyon and London (organised with the cooperation of La Videotheque De Paris.

Information and pictures from earlier concerts.

Displays of various Pani slide projections.

Specially composed background music by Jarre (released as the track "Waiting For Cousteau").

Displays of various instruments including the "Cristal Baschet", a touch sensitive instrument designed by the Baschet brothers.

Special version of the "Laser Harp" instrument open for the public to play on.

Jean-Michel Jarre á La Défense

Opened: 12th September 1990

Closed: 30th September 1990

Location: Terminal Elysees(Sari Seeri Air International), 49 Les Champs Elysees, Paris, France.

Reason: Celebration of the La Défense concert and publicity for Paul Maurer and Cees De Hond.

Organised by: Cees De Hond. (Photographs by Paul Maurer. Sponsored by Compagnie Philips Eclairage and Sari Seeri.)


About fifty photographs of the La Défense concert.


National Art Exhibition

Opened: November 1990

Closed: 5th December 1990

Location: Foundation D'Art Contemporain (level 5), Paris, France.

Reason: General art exhibition.

Organised by: Various companies including Cees De Hond. (La Défense concert photographs by Paul Maurer. Sponsored by Compagnie Philips Eclairage.)


Many art exhibits including around forty photographs from Jarre's La Défense concert.

Jean-Michel Jarre Mexico - Teotihuacan

Opened: May 1991

Closed: July 1991

Location: Fine Arts Palace, Mexico City, Mexico.

Reason: The Mexican concert.

Organised by: Mexican government and Jean-Michel Jarre himself.


Information about earlier concerts.

Pictures from earlier concerts.

Information on forthcoming concert.

Lag Circulaire instrument.

Lag Insecte instrument.

Official concert poster and artwork.

Jean-Michel Jarre

** cancelled because of above event**

Would have opened: June 1991

Would have closed: not decided

Would have been located at: Centre George Pompidou, Beauborg, France.

Reason: Celebration of recent concerts.

Organised by: Various people and Jean-Michel Jarre himself.

Would have featured:

Displays of rare records.

Paris La Défense puppets (Marionettes).

Various instruments on display.

Lots of photos from various Jarre concerts.

International Jarre Day

Opened: 13.00 hrs, 19th October 1991 (was scheduled for 12.00)

Closed: 17.00 hrs, 19th October 1991

Location: Polyvalent Rooms, Bouwcentrum, Antwerp, Belgium.

Reason: Fan convention.

Organised by: Oxygenie - Belgium Jean-Michel Jarre fanzine.


Oxygenie Belgium fanzine.

Jarre-Mania Dutch fanzine.

Conductor Of The Masses British fanzine.

Displays of various rare records.

Memorabilia displays.

Video tape shows.

International Rendezvous

Opened: 8th May 1993

Closed: 8th May 1993

Location: 'T Centrum in De Lier, Holland.

Reason: Fan convention.

Organised by: Harrie Reinders (Jarre-Mania) of the Dutch Jean-Michel Jarre fanzine.


Exhibiton of rare records and memorabilia.


Cinema showing Jean-Michel related film.

Two live concerts featuring Jarre music.

Auction of rare items.

Jour D'Images

Opened: 6th November 1993

Closed: 6th November 1993

Location: 'T Centrum in De Lier, Holland.

Reason: Fan photograph convention.

Organised by: Harrie Reinders (Jarre-Mania) of the Dutch Jean-Michel Jarre fanzine.


A large selection of fans' photographs.

An official world record was set by those present. Forty one Swatch Musicall watches had there alarms played simultaneously. This happened at exactly 15.00 hrs.

British Rendezvous

Opened: 14.00 hrs, 24th April 1994

Closed: 18.30 hrs, 24th April 1994

Location: Aston University, Aston, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Reason: Fan convention.

Organised by: David Knight



Live Jarre music with computed generated imagery (separate performances by Chris Morgan and Paul Moxon)

Latest concert news.

Exclusive T-Shirts.

Rare music/video footage.

Exhibitors and stalls.

Free prize draw.

International Rendezvous II

Opened: 11th September 1994

Closed: 11th September 1994

Location: De Buitenhof sports centre, Delft, Holland.

Reason: Fan convention.

Organised by: Harrie Reinders (Jarre-Mania) of the Dutch Jean-Michel Jarre fanzine.


A comprehensive exhibition of collectors' items.

A mini cinema with rare and normal videos.

Stands with records, photos, collectors' items and international fan-clubs.

An auction of precious Jarre items (part of the profits went to UNESCO).

A swap-meet where fans could exchange or sell their superfluous Jarre related items.

Demos of working synthesisers and the Dutch Jarre computer bulletin board.

A strictly 'Jarre music' concert performance by the Dutch band Mercurey.

This article is taken from the Exhibit: Jean-Michel Jarre book produced by Destination Jarre.

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Essential Publications is a trading name of Burning Helix s.r.o.
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