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As always seems to be the case with Jean-Michel Jarre there were concerts that were planned but never actually happened. Most of the recent non-events were from the 1993 Europe In Concert tour which for various different reasons were simply scrapped or cancelled.


Jean-Michel spoke in 1992 during a promotional visit to Switzerland of having concerts in India, Japan and Korea lined up. He also stated that he would be going back to Mexico to complete a concert project at Teotihuacan that had originally been cancelled in 1991.

Seville 1992

During 1992 it was rumoured that Jarre had been offered to perform a concert at the World Expo site in Seville as part of the exposition itself. This concert never took place, but he did stage a concert at the site during his Europe In Concert tour.

Europe In Concert 1993

During the build up to Europe In Concert Jarre had wanted to perform at several other sites but for various reasons was unable to. The locations included: Italy, Venice, St Mark's Square. Pink Floyd held a concert here in the eighties. The authorities were not happy with the outcome of the event and it is believed that this contributed to the downfall of this venue. Some travel companies even sold tickets for this event before it was announced that one may be held there!

Italy, Rome, Falminio Stadium (15th October)

Italy, Bologna (15th September)

Austria, Vienna

Denmark, Copenhagen

Turkey, Istanbul

Greece, Athens

Tunisia, Carthage

France, Toulouse (21st September)

France, La Baule (4th August)

France, Biarritz (8th August)

France, Strasbourg

Denmark, Copenhagen

Holland, Nijmegen

Spain - Madrid 9th October 1993

This concert was due to be held at the Hippodrome, a racecourse, but was cancelled only hours before the start due to torrential rain! Rain fell on the Thursday and Friday delaying the stage set up. With the crew working hard throughout the night everything was eventually ready for the Saturday morning. But with more heavy rain falling on Saturday the site turned into a quagmire and the concert was abandoned. However, this may not be the only reason for the cancellation. The concert production company C.I.C.S. went bankrupt in January 1994 and this was partly blamed on a crooked Spanish impresario cancelling two concerts!

France - Lyon 12th October 1993

This concert was cancelled and replaced with one in Tours on the 16th October instead.

Germany - Dusseldorf 18th June 1994

During 1994, Jarre had planned to revisit Europe for more concerts in what he called "Europe In Concert Part 2". Only one concert was ever officially announced. This concert was to be held at the Rhein Stadium. Plans for the concert emerged in late 1993 but it was officially announced at a press conference at the stadium on March 21st 1994. Problems emerged on June 3rd when it was revealed on French Television that the airport four miles to the east of the stadium complained, worried that the concert may go on after the deadline laid down by the authorities and also that the lights and lasers would interfere with airport activities.

The concert was officially cancelled on the 8th June 1994. It appeared that the promoters, Concert Concept were unhappy due to the lack of tickets sold. Promotions were low key and many adverts failed to appear in the press. Concert Concept have since gone Bankrupt leaving fans in Germany unable to claim a refund on the tickets.

For every Jean-Michel Jarre concert that actually takes place there are always several rumours of other concerts. The following are only the ones which we heard of…

Rumours for 1994 included:

Spain, Madrid (To replace the one cancelled in 1993)

Switzerland, Zurich

Malaysia, Kuala Lumper

Lebanon, Beirut (This concert was cancelled at the end of March due to financial reasons even though it was never actually officially announced.)

France, Bordeaux (A special event to be held by Jarre but it never happened.)

England, Dover (A special event on July the 2nd to celebrate the "Tour De France" cycle race returning to the United Kingdom. Preliminary plans were scrapped sometime in April.)

Asia and America (Stated in the official Europe In Concert press release.)

This article is taken from the Exhibit: Jean-Michel Jarre book produced by Destination Jarre.

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